The letter "Q" is another symbol for the concept of "infinity". This best describes our company as a gathering of creative minds drawing inspiration from an infinite universe.

Q-Parts was launched by the original founders of the LA Guitar Works and Schecter Guitar Research companies of California. Both companies played leading roles in the early days of custom guitar building in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Both made huge contributions in introducing the concept of custom parts in improving the quality of the electric guitar. They were the first to mass market custom guitar bodies, necks, pickups and metal hardware. Their influence still lasts to this day. Then some time after their initial success, they all took time off to pursue private interests and see the world. It was not until 1997 that the original members rejoined to launch Q-Parts, Inc. Amazed that the market had hardly changed from where they left off, they determined that the time was right to break new ground and start a whole new line of guitar accessories. They found the guitar market had grown weary of the endless stream of copies and the recycled designs. The market was crying out for originality. Even a simple item like a guitar knob had not changed in 50 years. The key was to design new products within the context of classic lines associated with musical instruments while keeping the essential functionality intact. We believed each guitar part should stand alone with it's particular beautiful design. This was how the classic artisans of old worked. They put a little bit of soul into everything they created. We then realized we had in our hands an unlimited source of exotic materials and designs to work with. Through our travels we saw firsthand the diversity of art around the world. That experience had broadened our minds and proved to us that there are infinite views of looking at things. All we had to do was to apply it. Since 1997 Q-Parts has consistently introduced new and innovative products into the market. We continue to create and strive to please the next generation of guitar players to come. For us, it's so easy to do what we love. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.